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Open A Bank or Credit Union Account in Your Community

Open a Bank or Credit Union Account
Save Money with a Bank or Credit Union Account

Can you think of a good reason to let a check casher or a pawn shop take your money? Every time you get a payday loan or use a check cashing shop, you’re giving away your money! Read more to find out how you can open a bank account and take advantage of hundreds of dollars in savings.

  • Power in Numbers: When you open a bank or credit union account in your community, you get the power of thousands (or millions) of clients behind you also saving their money.
  • Safety First: With your money in a bank or credit union, it won’t get lost or stolen. It’s also safe in an emergency like an earthquake, a flood or a fire.
  • Convenience: Keeping your money in a bank may not be as close as keeping it in the freezer or under your mattress, but there are benefits. With Online Bill Pay, it’s easy to transfer your money electronically to the people you need to pay. There’s no need to carry too much cash, and you can track your expenses on the computer to keep you on your budget.
  • Bill Pay Service: Don’t pay your bills at the check casher! In the first year after moving to a bank account, average clients saved $800 in bill pay and check cashing fees! Also, your money can even make more money in interest when it’s in a bank account.
  • Cheaper Money: When you open a bank account, you get access to bank services for reduced costs, or even for free. Having a relationship with a bank means that you can save money on fees and other loans.
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Direct deposit your paychecks in a bank instead of carrying around a bunch of bills and you’ll be less tempted to spend your money on things you don’t need. In these times, we all need a little help controlling our spending habits!
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Credit unions are non-profit financial institutions that are run by members. These community establishments are different from typical banks. There are both state or federal credit unions to choose from. Although credit unions are typically smaller than banks, they offer many of the same financial services. People choose credit unions over banks because there generally less fees involved. It is common to find state and federal credit union locations across the United States. There are many different financial services offered at credit unions. Some of these include savings accounts, legal loans, interest rates, check services, and ATM cards. You can even acquire assistance with home equity money through these unions. Most people who are employed at a credit union also do their banking there. It is common for many men and women to seek out the services of a credit union in their community because they can save more money this way. It is typical to find an establishment like this that offers free checking, online banking, ATM services, savings accounts, and more. Depending on what credit union you become a member of, there are a variety of services you can also benefit from. You can gather all sorts of important details on these community establishments by searching the Internet or visiting a local credit union. Write down any questions you might have to ask an employee at your community credit union for more information on savings accounts, interest rates, lending fees, finance, free checking services, and financial assistance.

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